These are just some of the social media creative that I created for the Worcester Railers during my internship. 
The first set of posts is for their affiliate the New York Islanders, they were facing the Boston Bruins and my marketing director at the time wanted the fans to know we were an affiliate team. 
Underneath that one is the " We love our hockey moms campaign" It was during the month of may to show appreciation for mothers that are hockey moms. I created all of the frames and the logo that is attached to the campaign. I was responsible for replacing the picture every week with a new mom that had won. 
After that, the hockey club was updating their brand and updating creative etc. I created the business cards that they carry around now. This was the final result that got printed. 
The second to last is a creative for their ticket giveaway. The Railers work with the other teams around Worcester, such as the Woosox. This was to help promote both teams. 
The last is a spread of the Pocket Schedule that I designed for them. They had me create it from inside out, with dates, the logos of all the teams, promotions etc. It was a long tedious process of checking over the errors and making sure it looks 100%, it finally got printed to hand out at games. 
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